[Baked ziti with swiss chard, chickpeas, tomatoes, basil, red onion, and pesto. The trick is to really undercook the pasta initially, so you can bake the ziti extra long, longer than you think you need, and the pasta edges get crispy without the interior pasta getting mushy. I have no idea if what I said made any sense at all.]

Back in Montreal. Feels so good to cook again. Even after only a week away, I feel the urge to cook cook cook. I get so tired of restaurants so fast, all I can think about is the food and meals that I make for myself. It’s almost always satisfying and delicious in a way that restaurants rarely achieve. Plus, leftovers!


2 responses to “STAYING IN

  1. I was just talking about this! I like to travel, but eating out all of the time when I do travel makes me miss the comfort of home cooked meals. It’s the first thing that makes me homesick on a trip.

  2. that looks amazing. it was a pleasure to have you cook for us here. mizz you

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