Paprika + thyme pan-fried potatoes // Chickpea, shallot, carrot + broccoli stir-fry with garam masala, black pepper, garlic + curry powder.

Morning coppa // honeydew melon // cantaloupe // maple syrup

Braised lamb shank // boiled purple potatoes + fleur de sel // haricot verts + lemon zest // seared endives + bacon

Cannellini bean + kale + red pepper flakes + Pecorino + lemon + penne

Himalayan red rice + lentil ‘fried rice’ // diced green beans + potatoes + parsley + lime + soy sauce + fish sauce + garlic + rice vinegar (a splash) + sesame oil (even less)

Cheese // cheese // cheese // cheese

Lentil fried rice // merguez, seared // pan-fried potoates + parsley + butter

Spring pasta // rigatoni + shrimp + asparagus + peas + lemon + white wine + cream + salt

SPRING! My partner is going to Italy this month. What should I ask him to bring back for me??


8 responses to “SIMPLE EQUATIONS

  1. definitely office supplies. i was gifted some amazing notebooks, pencils, pens, fountain pen etc from italy. they just have better paper stuffs.

    • ooo, great idea, i love beautiful thick papers + nice leathers. pens are always risky gifts for me – i lose them on a daily basis!

  2. So gorgeous! Last time I went to Italy I came home with fresh amaretti cookies! Divine.

    • cookies! that was literally the first thing i thought of! : )

      best travel souvenirs ever: food. i always bring back tiny bags of potato chips for my friends from whatever country i am visiting, the flavors are always different / more delicious / awesome.

  3. italy – food and tights!

    i like your dishes. i prefer simple over fancy food.

    ps. you’ve got me curious about ‘on love’. maybe he was getting a bad experience out of his system. i hope he doesn’t hate women.

    • yes- it might be interesting to read his early works to compare. i have heard great things about his more recent books (especially the one you are reading!), but i was kind of turned off forever after reading ‘on love.’ i found him insufferable yet i compulsively read the whole thing anyway. read it. you’ll know exactly what i mean!! : )

  4. where in italy will he be? and YUM on the food. wow, kind of makes me hungry!

    • he’s going to verona and some surrounding vineyards!! he won’t be in any major cities but i’m still soooo jealous. obviously i am going to have him ship back a ton of wine. ; )

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