He hasn’t even been gone a full week, but I already miss my partner so much! I’m pathetic. I know.

A few days before leaving for Italy, he surprised me with my favorite breakfast: two eggs fried in duck fat, sliced bell peppers and red onion, stinky cheese, toasted kamut bread and butter, tissue-thin prosciutto, freshly made blood orange juice (the last of the season, sigh), and green tea. Oh, and this stunning platter of exotic dried and fresh fruits, including Izmir figs, Tajikistan apricots, Hong Kong dried papaya, San Diego sour cherries, mini guavas + Muscat grapes. The apricots blew my mind.

My eating habits have been much more… erratic since he’s left. Last week, I steadily ate from a pot of dal for four meals straight (including breakfast), until it was gone. Yesterday, I had gummi bears for lunch, and a single piece of toast for dinner. Adam, come back!


6 responses to “MISSING YOU

  1. That is such a beautiful spread. My wife and I are the same way when we’re apart, eating habits go out the window.

    • funny thing is that when i told my partner i was subsisting on lentils for 4 meals in a row, he said he was jealous and wanted to eat that way, too! ;)

  2. that dried fruit plate KILLS me. did you know dried persimmon exists.
    (de-lurking as blog reader over love of exotic snacks.)

    • i know — it was so pretty i didn’t want to eat it, just wanted to stare at it. luckily, my stomach won over and i ate it all pretty fast. i need to find some dried persimmon, sounds sooo good! in its raw state, sometimes it gives me stomachaches, i think because i eat way too much at once (like cherries, too)…

  3. annelouiselikes

    you know, i just clicked on that ‘adam’ link.

    i TOTALLY gave the fruit hunters to my dad for christmas last year.

    small world..!
    ps. dried persimmon? awesome!

    • haha what a small world! i hope your dad liked the book…. (for obvious reasons) it’s one of my favorites. :)

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