Now that my story is published, I can share the rest of my foraging photos with you! Although I was out there primarily to hunt for ramps, we gathered lots of other treats, like fiddleheads, wild ginger, dandelion greens, and crinkle root. (We made use of everything: the fiddleheads sauteed with bacon and folded into pasta; the wild ginger was great steeped in hot water, like tea; and I adored the dandelion greens salad, dressed simply with a lemon-mustard vinaigrette). After such a long and cold winter, it felt really spectacular to be out in the damp forest, discovering new life in every corner. It was insanely fun.

And it really is true what they say — once you know what to look for, you start seeing wild vegetables everywhere. Once I saw my first fiddlehead, I couldn’t stop seeing them!


7 responses to “A FORAGING ADVENTURE

  1. These are great foraging photographs! I also find your newspaper article fascinating and informative. I can’t believe how pricey they are on the market! I know ramps also as ramsons (over here in Ireland). There is always plenty to be found in woodlands, not sure about any foraging laws in place though. Check out my post on ramps http://banbamama.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/rampaging-ramsons/
    Thanks B

    • fascinating! i love how many different words for “ramps” there are. “bear’s garlic” is particularly poetic. : )

  2. So cool, so special!

  3. The fourth picture from the top (https://popcornplays.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/dscn4227.jpg) looks like bloodroot. Is that what it is? I didn’t know you could eat it.

    • thank you for pointing that out, i didn’t remember the name of it! so, yes, you can NOT eat that. highly poisonous. apparently it was used as war paint by native indians… it’s the most gorgeous vermillion color. i painted a bit on my hand and admired it all day – it stung a bit, but i loved it.

  4. Holy shit! I love ramps.

    Just met someone tonight who expressed to me they were thinking to pursue food writing, so I thought I’d send them your blog, Natty.

    Enjoy Jamaica! Saw the Popcorn Youth Group invite on Fbook. May have to make some Brooklyn show announcement there when I spy them!

    All the best :)

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