My intense strawberry cravings began last week, thanks to Luxirare, and continued unabated. Then I kept seeing this cake all over the internet — first at Saveur, then at Lottie + Doof, and finally Bon Appetempt — and no longer could I deny its garish, neon pink hue. I had to have it. So I made it for the Dep, added a box of fresh strawberries, and its happy rosy exterior did not disappoint.


6 responses to “STRAWBERRIES, PT II

  1. i have never been a huge strawberry eater, but this summer just been, i seriously ate bucketloads. i had that craving too…

    • totally! and they don’t give me the raging stomachache that my cherry binges usually give me. :)

  2. whoa indeed.
    did you put strawberries in between the two cake layers? because that is a genius move.

    • totally! you can never have too few strawberries is what i say. added bonus: the strawberries got totally gooey and jammy after the 2nd day of that cake. so good.

  3. i want to make this cake for my birthday! it’s so beautiful, but your cake seems to look the best (out of recipe links). which recipe did you follow?

    • thank you!
      i used the lottie + doof recipe, but added a cup of cut strawberries in the frosting layer and used quite a bit less sugar – this cake is SWEET and it really doesn’t need all that white sugar.

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