Montreal Gazette photographer John Kenney was kind enough to send me a bunch of outtakes from our ramps photoshoot. Man, if only the photo editor had chosen to run a photo of my actual face (the photo that ran is of me, almost completely obscured by my giant nest of black hair, great). But after seeing the quality of these photos — not to mention Jennifer’s new camera and gorgeous new pics — I am pretty much convinced that I, too, need to upgrade to a REAL camera. Any suggestions?


7 responses to “OUTTAKES

  1. You are so pretty and the photographs are well-taken. It reminds me of trhe movie Julie&Julia.

  2. yea the photos of you are so great, esp. the two that you aren’t looking at the lens, just beautiful + working unaware (though of course you look great in the smiling one too)… they def. should have used at least one of those 3 though, WTF?!?!

    • yes, it’s just my luck that the photo that ran in the newspaper is of me, huddled over a stove, completely obscured by a tangle of black hair. although maybe that is the most accurate depiction, too…. honesty in journalism and all that… i’ll never hope to be one of those polished cooks, will just come to turns with my overall messiness :) ;)

  3. your hair is so great! my hair seems to comply to gravity and unfortunately lay complacently flat. but i’m in agreement with you, i need a new camera… shopping for that one still.

    • trust me most days my hair is a total nightmare, i have to tame it with several elastics, hundreds of bobby pins, and infinite good will. on the day of the shoot i pulled most of it back and hoped that i wouldn’t look like a crazy lady in the final shots. :)

  4. Thanks dear…
    talk about Gorgeous- look at you!!

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