1. As per my ongoing backpack obsession, I finally bought one of the Shabd x Baggu backpacks and I love it. Tons of roomy space, sturdy thick canvas, lots of little pockets, the perfect shade of seafoam green.

2. My favorite piece of jewelry, a present from Sasha. I’ve only recently gotten into astrology, ever since discovering that my partner and I are both Libras. (It’s a heavy match). This pendant is ideal. Totally witchy and with a serious weight and presence.

3. Bought a beautiful new lipstick for summer. My Nars Heat Wave has been a great standby for nights, but I wanted something less intense for daytime wear, especially for stuff like work. Dior’s Rare Amber is the perfectly creamy matte rose hue. (Apologies for the beyond-chipped fingernail polish).

5 responses to “A FEW THINGS I LOVE

  1. yay, sorry about the lack of good chain though (but the string could be ok…). that lipstick looks niceeeeeeee (+ the bag too, good list)

  2. The backpack is lovely!

  3. i agree with cheryl – that backpack is awesome. i bought some fabric from shabd last year – she creates the best patterns / colors.

    • i looooove this bag. i am seriously considering buying it in a few other colors. it’s so well made and sturdy but also so pretty and sweet!

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