I don’t know if it’s the rising temperatures, the creeping hem lengths, or the sudden abundance of proper produce, but I’ve been cooking less and less. The typically powerful cravings — cheese, butter, cream, meat — haven’t disappeared, but they haunt me much less. (As if I could ever give up cheese). But some nights, all that takes to make me happy, apparently, is a rosy trout filet, a few fat spears of asparagus, one big handful of fresh spinach, and lemon draped over everything.

2 responses to “A FEW EASY PIECES

  1. i definitely share your current bout of non-cooking… i made gazpacho and decided that was all i was willing to handle this week.

    • just made a spicy watermelon gazpacho, only “cooking” was pressing “blend” on my food processor. beyond satisfying. :)

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