Sorry for the brief radio silence. There was an…. incident late Saturday night.

I was preparing a simple, fresh dinner for my friend Himo’s birthday party. The meal I had envisioned was going to be perfect. There was a translucent shavings of fennel with wild, peppery arugula, thin discs of zucchini, chopped dill, toasted walnuts, purslane (my favorite!), and mustard greens. There were slender, crisp radishes that we halved and served with blanched radish greens and sauteed bacon. There was an tremendously easy pasta dish with my chopped garlic scape and garden basil pesto, no blender needed. And, of course, there was a birthday cake, a light lemon cake with fresh, oozing lemon curd and a delicate vanilla buttercream, using a combination of this recipe and that recipe. (I also made it for this work party). There was rum that we brought back from Jamaica, and cigars for the boys.

But somewhere along the way, I slipped. To be precise: I slipped a knife, while chiffonading basil, right through my thumb, slicing off half a fingernail and a good bit of flesh. And because I love birthday parties and I was deep into the wine, I actually waited a full day before Adam finally convinced me that I had to go to the ER. I’m fine, of course — and I suppose that anyone who works in a kitchen everyday should expect a few accidents — but it’s stilll a drag (my whole right hand hurts, so I had to type this post with one hand only).

My one consolation — dinner still rocked. And that’s all that matters, right? The show must go on, etc etc and all that.


7 responses to “A BIRTHDAY GONE AWRY

  1. natasha! hope your finger heals quickly!

  2. ouch! get well soon. i am very impressed you’re able to type so well with one hand!

  3. Crazy girl. Can’t believe you waited a whole day to go to the ER :) (Actually I can ER’s are horrible places to visit).
    Makes for a good story…hope your hand is ok!

    • omg, jennifer. i HATE hospitals. the hardest part was admitting that i had to go to ER because i hate it so much. but you’re right – it’s a good story and my boyfriend had to take care of me all week long! :)

  4. the cake looks so good! I love all the greens on your chopping board too.
    I hope you feel better soon…that totally sucks!

  5. Goodness! I cut my pointer doing the same. exact. thing. last week–sliced through the nail, but managed to keep the finger tip. Yikes. Sorry for the incident, but now you have a, as Anthony Bourdain lovingly describes them, kitchen battle scar to be proud of. Heal up fast!

  6. thank you so much for your sweet words!!! happy to report that i have healed spectacularly, despite the fact that my finger has a weird dent where the flesh used to be. :)

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