Is this photo totally hilarious to anyone else?? Because I can’t stop laughing. The story is that my friend Kristen had already eaten dinner, but she came over to hang out anyway. I plated her a mini-dinner so she could still snack with us, and what resulted was the most preposterous-looking plate of food that I’ve ever had the pleasure of concocting.

One tiny boiled parsnip half with half a teaspoon of red wine and mushroom reduction; one chunk of tender venison stew; exactly one sliver of pan-fried mushroom; three baby haricot verts, poached in chicken broth; one skinny strip of sauteed guanciale. Dinner is served!


3 responses to “PORTION CONTROL

  1. What?! Americans don’t eat those sorts of portions! Even at their 2nd dinner! : )

  2. looks like some multi-hundred dollar meals i’ve seen photographed, i think yr onto something.

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