I know that I’m supposed to be searching for the perfect maid-of-honor dress for my best friend’s wedding in August (no, I haven’t found it yet; yes, I realize this makes me beyond flaky; yes, I plan on buying one eventually, I mean, it’s not like the wedding is only a few weeks away or anything), but I have found myself combing through the internet for what I want my boyfriend to wear instead and daydreaming about color-coordinating our outfits. My heart practically stopped beating when I saw these beyond rad sherbert-hued 70s-inspired styles from Acne. So perfect, and so his style. Need to figure out a way how to get him to wear mint green, raspberry, salmon and camel. He would look so great.

[Acne Menswear by Dazed Digital via Clever Nettle]

2 responses to “TOTALLY OBSESSED

  1. Ohhhhh must buy boy salmon colored pants IMMEDIATELY.

    There was a bridesmaid dress roundup on Once Wed today. Here’s a little inspiration for you:

    Bonne chance

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