Hallelujah, the maid-of-honor dress search is over, with not a minute to spare (the wedding is in two weeks). Picked this up for $30 at H&M. Not bad. I was getting so desperate I almost dropped $600+ on a beautiful putty-colored Marc Jacobs dress at Neiman Marcus. (Nordstroms has it on sale here). But I think I prefer the $30 dress, thanks.



  1. ohmygodit’sperfect!

  2. yea why spend $600 when you can make a $30 dress look like a $600 one with no sweat?! :))) on another note: can’t wait til you’re here!!!!!!!!!

  3. thank you thank you !! i am happy with my score as well. oh the relief!

  4. It looks great on you…I wouldn’t have thought of that color for you- but it totally works!

    • i know right? it was so hard to picture myself in the muted tones when i am consistently drawn to super bright shades :) :)

  5. It’s a perfect color and drape and looks great on you! I’m glad you didn’t spend that much on the other!

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