My time spent home in San Diego was short and sweet.

Now I’m off for a weekend of maid-of-honor duties at the big bridal weekend! Hello, New York Fingerlakes…


4 responses to “HOME AGAIN OR

  1. i’m serving as a bridesmaid at a NY Finger Lake wedding too – except next month :) you’ll have to let me know if you’re dying of heat over there… and if the mosquitos are as wretched as they usually are. have fun!

    • i’m ROASTING! we have been in 100+ degree heat consistently for the last 3 days. coming from cool 65 degree temps in san diego, the adjustment has been… challenging.

      the only reprieve has been the super amazing lake house i’ve been staying at — essential swimming sessions 5-6x day!

      and mosquitos are as bad as they ever are, but no worse than quebec countryside…

  2. Love the dress you chose.

    But I’m stopping by to let you know that you were spotted on Simply Lovely:

    Enjoy the wedding!

    • thank you… now that it’s almost here, i’m so stoked for the wedding! (mostly to dance). hope the planning for yours is going splendidly! :)

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