Our farewell brunch was cooked by talented Sasha, who, on our final morning in Ithaca, casually whipped up one of her famous frittatas. (They are beautiful to look at, and they taste even better in real life!) This one was studded with sweet corn, basil, feta, and fingerling potatoes. I ate three fat wedges! There was also a mouthwatering tomato and peach salad, tiny blueberries, and a simple green salad. I was really glad I didn’t miss this meal, because I felt bummed after missing this one. Sasha’s food is so special, it made me want to stay forever, which may have been her plan all along.


One response to “GOODBYES

  1. IT WAS MY PLAN. it looks like it didn’t work though, should have spiked those frittatas with something more than basil. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!! move back.

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