Photos from the wedding are starting to roll in, and this one was snapped by Anna Simonak during my maid-of-honor speech (amazingly, Anna, the photographer Meredith hired, used to be one of my old interns at the Ithaca Times back when she was an Ithaca College student! Ah, memories. Also, I’m old).

I styled my $30 dress with a vintage leather belt I bought in Singapore, my most comfortable Rachel Comey heels, and a heart-shaped ring that I bought at Catbird a million years ago, strung on a delicate chain. Oh, and if you can believe it, just a few hours earlier my hair was full of bouncy, corkscrew curls (my inspiration was Cher’s hair in the final wedding scene of Clueless), but sadly my stupid Asian hair refuses to hold a curl. I am, however, digging the unintentional all-pink vibe of the lipstick, flower, nails, and champagne. I have no problem being a walking advertisement for all things blush-hued.

More photos here, and I’ll upload some of my own this weekend!

[Also, did anyone else see this article on Refinery29 and feel their heart skip a beat? I totally grew up with that movie and secretly love its cheesy witchy vibes. Nicky’s never looked better. That fiery hair!]

6 responses to “BLUSHING

  1. you look so pretty! i love the color of your dress.

  2. beautiful picture, lovebug!

  3. you look gorgeous…can’t wait to see more pics! i love weddings…

  4. amazing speech, too!

  5. The color of the dress is perfect. You look so beautiful!

  6. you do look so beautiful! I love your long dark hair

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