After getting an inside tip that Sasha was considering growing out her bangs (my two cents: don’t, they’re so awesome!), I’ve started thinking about mine. I’ve had heavy bangs for six or seven years now, and feel terrified about growing them out. (They’re like a safety blanket for your face!) But now that Sasha’s put the bug in my brain, I’m considering it. Should I go for it? Eeek…


4 responses to “TOUGH DECISIONS

  1. some thoughts…

    cut the bangs sasha length.
    grow out the bangs and cut your hair shorter…shoulder length.
    winona ryder – reality bites.

    i know it’s a stretch, but let go. make some intense changes.


  2. haha. i’m keeping them afterall:)) i pulled them back for a day. my mom saw me + said “THANK GOD” (she “likes to see my forehead”) but jarek and pretty much everyone else is (are?) decidedly pro-bang. including me it turns out (i felt totally weird without them).that said, you’d look amazing either way. xo

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