I should probably take better care of the things that I love, but often those become the items that get the most disheveled and worn out.

Some of my errant doodles, and postcards I’ve had for over a decade

My favorite carpet (okay, my only carpet)

My (terrifyingly cluttered) office space. (Yes, I know it needs work.)

Part of my Rachel Comey shoe collection (the loafers, the red suede heels, and the pink leather heels) interspersed with well-worn thrifted purchases

My favorite (very wrinkled) Debbie Carlos poster, creased in so many places that it doesn’t lay flat anymore

The best Ermie dress (better images of it soon), and one of my favorite (funniest) photos of me and Adam, taken at La Baie. It’s one of the best presents ever given to me, in which we spent an afternoon with the department store’s extremely enthusiastic photographer, and tried to see just how completely dorky and ridiculous we can look. I was really into the whole “man standing behind the woman in a pensive embrace.”


3 responses to “WALLED IN

  1. love this, your doodles are beautiful, so is the rest of it + i too am digging the “man standing behind the woman in a pensive embrace.”

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the documentary film The Woodmans will be screened in Los Angeles,
    at the Bel Air Film Festival, the James Bridges Theater, UCLA, on Oct. 15th at 12:45. Could
    you please pass on this information to any who might be interested in attending?
    Thanking you in advance,
    JEFF WERNER (co-producer)

  3. Wow, I LOVE this photo of you two!!!!! Great lighting and interesting composition…


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