Our Pork Club BBQ at Le Pick Up last Friday was a massive success — oodles of thanks to everyone who came out! I knew the day was going to be special when we woke up to super sunny skies and a flirty breeze. Bartek and I rode our bikes to Marche Jean Talon and tried to stuff 50lbs of new potatoes into his bike baskets (an insane prospect), and I spent the afternoon outside, chopping potatoes and prepping beans on our picnic tables out back while drinking about a million glasses of calimocho. It was totally perfect, though I wouldn’t recommend frosting two massive red velvet cakes while slightly buzzed, and then serving people dinner for four hours straight. Afterward, we hung out on the terrace and ate our lion’s share of pork chops. I’ll be really sad when it gets cold here, the warm weather makes everyone so happy.

More photos here.


3 responses to “TOTALLY PORKED

  1. this looks so fantastic. i’m determined to take the train up to one of the le pick up events!

    • ohhh, definitely! we would love to have you here! the train is a bit brutal because of the long wait at the border, but it’s a beautiful trip nonetheless. please let me know if you come up! i have some fun things planned for fall: jerk chicken.. oktoberfest… etc : )

  2. i’m going to make it happen. anything at the end of october? maybe i will surprise my gf with a weekend trip. i hope she’s not reading this right now.

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