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Early morning breakfast. I’m trying half-heartedly to eat less gluten, which means that I’m eating one piece of toast for breakfast instead of three. Baby steps. For breakfast I stewed a pot of freshly shelled cranberry beans and added diced carrots, fennel, shallots, thyme, basil, mint, and a bit of butter. I finished with some old white wine, lemon juice, and a diced tomato, which made everything quite tart and acidic, perfect for breakfast.



Breakfast with my boyfriend always includes a little bit of fruit, artfully arranged, a little bit of bread, toasted (though I’m trying to cut back), a little bit of cheese and butter, and, if I’m lucky, a fried egg or two. Lots of cracked pepper and fleur de sel. It’s an unstoppable breakfast. This kind of meal doesn’t happen every day, but it’s nice to take 30 minutes out of your morning to relax and enjoy some nice food. I can’t believe it’s already September. It was hard to say goodbye to the greengage plums, and now I have to say goodbye to peaches, too?


Our talented and awesome friend Michelle gave us a generous parcel of her blackberry brioche. The brioche was some of the best I’ve ever had, truly donut-like in character, tender, sweet, and light. I gobbled one down for breakfast, accompanied with some green tea, syrupy Greengages and Ontario nectarines.


Breakfast for Meghan and Claudia. Mostly just leftovers from the night before but I was glad to see that their enthusiasm for sliced avocado smeared on toast matched mine. I miss them so much already, please come back soon Meghan and Claudia!

The next morning, we went for a walk instead of eating at home. We bought bagels at Fairmount for their long drive to PEI, and devoured rich, creamy quiche from La Croissanterie Figaro. It was delicious, but eating out for breakfast is never as good as eating breakfast at home, in my opinion.

I also uploaded lots of photos from Sunday’s workshop, if you care to take a peek. At this point I’m almost looking for reasons to get cuts and scratches, just so I have an excuse to use the amazing tincture that we made!

And finally, it’s that time again! I cut my hair once a year, and after Meghan remarked how out of control my hair was getting I realized that it was probably time for a snip. What do you think?


Breakfast at home, and devouring some treasures I scooped from our adventure to Ontario — chili peppers and sweet cherry tomatoes I hand-picked from Norm Hardie’s garden (more on that soon!) in Prince Edward County, with cumin seed-flecked smoked gouda from Ottawa’s La Bottega and seeded bread from Ottawa’s Le Moulin de Provence.


Our farewell brunch was cooked by talented Sasha, who, on our final morning in Ithaca, casually whipped up one of her famous frittatas. (They are beautiful to look at, and they taste even better in real life!) This one was studded with sweet corn, basil, feta, and fingerling potatoes. I ate three fat wedges! There was also a mouthwatering tomato and peach salad, tiny blueberries, and a simple green salad. I was really glad I didn’t miss this meal, because I felt bummed after missing this one. Sasha’s food is so special, it made me want to stay forever, which may have been her plan all along.


Freshly squeezed tangerine juice, Darjeeling tea, blanched spinach, poached eggs, and whole wheat toast.

Hello, weekend!