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Ordering this book immediately. I love reading menus, and lists of ingredients; it’s so soothing. Is that weird? My favorite Richard Olney volumes are his books arranged by precise meal plans —specifically,The French Menu Cookbook: The Food and Wine of France—Season by Delicious Season—in Beautifully Composed Menus and Ten Vineyard Lunches. I can’t even count how many times I’ve referred to its pages for inspirations for dinner parties and other events. I love thinking about the sequencing of a great meal as being similar to a tracks on a record or chapters in a book. Why should a meal be assembled haphazardly, when it could be composed as a linear, thoughtful event? Oh, and this Patricia Curtan book inspires me to host a Grand Aïoli of my own, too.

[via the Paris Review]



I know that I’m supposed to be searching for the perfect maid-of-honor dress for my best friend’s wedding in August (no, I haven’t found it yet; yes, I realize this makes me beyond flaky; yes, I plan on buying one eventually, I mean, it’s not like the wedding is only a few weeks away or anything), but I have found myself combing through the internet for what I want my boyfriend to wear instead and daydreaming about color-coordinating our outfits. My heart practically stopped beating when I saw these beyond rad sherbert-hued 70s-inspired styles from Acne. So perfect, and so his style. Need to figure out a way how to get him to wear mint green, raspberry, salmon and camel. He would look so great.

[Acne Menswear by Dazed Digital via Clever Nettle]


Hot resort collection. Wish I could see a detail of those flower-flecked shoes, too. There’s a small shop downtown that stocks quite a bit of Erdem. The stuff is perfect, every dress fit like a glove.



1. As per my ongoing backpack obsession, I finally bought one of the Shabd x Baggu backpacks and I love it. Tons of roomy space, sturdy thick canvas, lots of little pockets, the perfect shade of seafoam green.

2. My favorite piece of jewelry, a present from Sasha. I’ve only recently gotten into astrology, ever since discovering that my partner and I are both Libras. (It’s a heavy match). This pendant is ideal. Totally witchy and with a serious weight and presence.

3. Bought a beautiful new lipstick for summer. My Nars Heat Wave has been a great standby for nights, but I wanted something less intense for daytime wear, especially for stuff like work. Dior’s Rare Amber is the perfectly creamy matte rose hue. (Apologies for the beyond-chipped fingernail polish).


I had a super fun photo shoot at the house today, so I bought some spring tulips to celebrate the occasion. I can’t wait to share the results with you next week!


I seriously flipped out after I saw these outrageously awesome photos of Jayne Mansfield’s house — dubbed “The Pink Palace” — on Cat Party. (According to Wikipedia, Mansfield paid a scant $76,000 for her Beverly Hills mansion). Between the heart-shaped pool and expansive checkered terrace, this is my ideal backyard setting for all of the grilling I plan to do this summer. Outstanding.

[Images via Cat Party]



Oh, barf.

I was recently combing the internet for acceptable bridesmaid dresses, and ended up on Anthropologie, a weirdly reliable site for buying super-discounted Rachel Comey shoes. I immediately noticed this dress (top two images) for exactly what it was: a blatantly simplified copy of Stella McCartney’s incandescent 2011 resort collection (bottom two images), of which I have waxed poetic on many occasions, including here. Yet this copy is so embarrassing, so derivative, so lame.