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Our talented and awesome friend Michelle gave us a generous parcel of her blackberry brioche. The brioche was some of the best I’ve ever had, truly donut-like in character, tender, sweet, and light. I gobbled one down for breakfast, accompanied with some green tea, syrupy Greengages and Ontario nectarines.



Another classic Portland summer activity — blackberry picking at a remote bush (more like a bramble the size of a small house, really) deep into the twilight hours. Managed to get several baskets of herbs (rosemary, sage and lavender for drying + cooking) and flowers, as well. Macerated several handfuls of the wild blackberries in a few bottles of sparkling white wine and, coupled with a few sleeves of saltines, had another impromptu boozy late-night picnic. The multitude of cuts and scratches were well worth it.