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Our Pork Club BBQ at Le Pick Up last Friday was a massive success — oodles of thanks to everyone who came out! I knew the day was going to be special when we woke up to super sunny skies and a flirty breeze. Bartek and I rode our bikes to Marche Jean Talon and tried to stuff 50lbs of new potatoes into his bike baskets (an insane prospect), and I spent the afternoon outside, chopping potatoes and prepping beans on our picnic tables out back while drinking about a million glasses of calimocho. It was totally perfect, though I wouldn’t recommend frosting two massive red velvet cakes while slightly buzzed, and then serving people dinner for four hours straight. Afterward, we hung out on the terrace and ate our lion’s share of pork chops. I’ll be really sad when it gets cold here, the warm weather makes everyone so happy.

More photos here.



My rad and talented friend Bartek released the second episode of his food show Culinary Propaganda. It is SIMPLY AMAZING. Watch and enjoy, comrades.


Along with Dépanneur Le Pick-Up, I am thrilled to announce our first workshop of 2011, featuring Montreal food writer and Pork Club founder Bartek Komorowski! Bartek, a restaurant critic for the Montreal Mirror, also runs the food blog Culinary Propaganda. He is both the creator of Pork Club — and has hosted its infamous pork-oriented feasts right here at the Pick-Up — and its secretive offshoot, Pork Underground.

Saucissession with Szef Bartek is the convergence of Pork Club with Culinary Propaganda — a pork-oriented event aimed ultimately to inspire participants to craft their own sausages. Please join us on Saturday, February 12 as we explore the methods and techniques for creating your own sausages from scratch: preparing the meat and stuffing it into casings. The workshop will include a presentation by Bartek, as well as the opportunity to make your own links.

The workshop will begin promptly at 8pm, with doors opening at 7:30pm. Each participant will be making his or her own sausages to take home, with guidance and instruction from Szef Bartek. The registration fee is $35 and will cover all costs for the sausages presented.

The Pick-Up is located 7032 rue Waverly. It’s a cozy, intimate space — please register soon as there are a very limited number of spots. Cash only, please, and payable on the night of the event. To register, email natasha DOT pickowicz AT gmail DOT com.

Bring a bottle of wine* if you like, as we’ll also be frying up some of our finished sausages to enjoy right on the spot!

*To accompany pork sausages, Szef Bartek recommends aromatic, off-dry whites, such as gewurztraminers and dry rieslings, as well as dry ciders.