(Clockwise from top left) (1) Leather backpack I bought for $8 at the Thieves’ Market in Little India in Singapore. I hate most purses and the strain they put on your shoulder (and equally hate the feeling of all that bulk right underneath my armpit, plus what is up with how most purses fall off your shoulder?), and I’ve really never been a ‘bag-obsessed’ person like some women seem to be;

(2) Pile of journals. I write in mine everyday, totally essential for sanity. I go through about one notebook a month. I have two or three huge boxes filled with these journals. They just sit in storage and I have no idea what to do with them. I once tried keeping my journal on my computer to cut down on bulk but it just wasn’t the same;

(3) The best face cream ever — Origins ‘Youthtopia’ — given to me by my wrinkle-obsessed mother. I don’t care about the so-called ‘anti-aging’ properties it claims to have, but adore it solely for its scent. My boyfriend loves this face cream too, because whenever he kisses me he remarks about how great it smells. It’s because it has Rhodiola, a thick root that has been shown to alleviate depression. Amazing;

(4) Sony Recorder. I take this with me everywhere, and use it not just for work but also for impromptu field recordings. I also love bringing it to concerts and discreetly putting it on the floor and recording live sets. I have quite an archive at this point;

(5) Glasses. Ray Bans sunglasses converted into specs.

That’s my list! Thank you Cheryl for tagging me! I have a feeling that this was more of a ‘five daily purse-related essentials’ because honestly my list would have comprised (1) one stick of butter (2) pot of coffee (3) potato chips (4) wine and (5) bread. If we’re being honest here.

Okay, now my turn to tag? Alison, Kat, Jennifer, Sasha, and Meredith. You’re up!

PS. Notice my incredible new carpet? I am so excited about my new carpet. It is the best carpet. It is my first grown-up carpet purchase! I plan on dedicating an entire post to it. Soon!



  1. just the other day i was thinking fondly about the old days of blog-tagging and planning my own. perfect timing, i’m totally in the mood:)) xo

  2. I love the carpet. Makes a great backdrop too.
    How do I do this tag thing?

    • it’s easy – just post about your five daily essentials on YOUR blog! then include a few other bloggers to do the same, and so on and so forth….

  3. that rug is incredible!

    • thank you so much! i’ll write a proper post soon, but its a 1970s persian rug with a lot of traditional persian imagery but obviously a more psychedelic color palette. i’m obsessed with it!

  4. The Origins cream sounds amazing and I can not stop staring at the pattern of your new carpet…love!

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